Multichannel Inventory Management

Manage all your inventory across all channels in one easy to use interface.

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Our Inventory dashboard syncs with dozens of marketplaces, giving you full control over your listings and your stock across all sales channels..

Continuous Inventory Syncing

Oversell no more. Monitor inventory levels across multiple marketplaces with continuous syncing across all your channels.

Updates in Bulk

Add, replace, or subtract item quantities in bulk. Item quantity updates from Vendors are automated, whereas remaining item quantity updates can be completed using our Scan and Load tool or Excel.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The cloud-based dashboard is accessible from any tablet or computer, with a host of features from product images to Amazon sales rank all available at a glance.

Suite of Tools

As part of our platform you get access to full inventory and order management, unlimited repricing, warehouse management, bulk listing tools, and more.

Success Story

Island Watch

How a behind-the-scenes hero saved Island Watch time and money.

Island Watch sells unique, quality timepieces from all over the world at affordable prices. When Marc started his business, e-commerce was in its infancy. As his business expanded onto more sales channels, Marc needed an inventory management system that helped him balance inventory across multiple marketplaces and eliminate overselling and stock-outs..

M. Frankel

Island Watch
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Multichannel Inventory Synchronization

Overselling is a non-issue with our multichannel integrated dashboard. Automated syncing means less time spent fixing errors and managing individual marketplace quantities and more time growing your business.

Multichannel integrations

We started as a multichannel solution for online sellers, and our list of integrated marketplaces and shopping carts continues to grow, with more carriers, warehouses, and integration tools being added constantly.

Fast, real-time syncing

SellerActive's cloud-based inventory management system is constantly communicating with your sales channels so you're never in danger of overselling.

Listing Tools

Looking to expand your business to new marketplaces? Save time and quickly grow your business with our Amazon and eBay bulk product listing tool. Already sell on Amazon? Easily grab your listings and push them to eBay in minutes.

List in bulk – fast

Upload many listings at once with an easy-to-use template. Follow the marketplace category prompts to quickly and easily push your listings in a few steps.

List with current Amazon products

No more wasting time searching for the right photos and sizes of your images. Import images and dimensions from the Amazon database to all of your other listings.

Intelligent Analytics

We understand that you need accurate, real-time business data to make the right strategic decisions for your business. That's why we deliver the data you need to monitor your results and make the right move for now and the future.

Sales Forecasting

Historical data on both your competitors’ and your own sales trends gives you the valuable insight needed to develop an industry-specific strategy.

Low-Stock Alerts

Don't leave money on the table by not meeting demand. Set low-stock thresholds for convenient alerts that won't ever let you miss a sale.

"Not only do they provide a seamless order fulfillment process, but they are also able to manage our prices with a custom algorithm and keep inventory levels accurate and up to the minute across all marketplaces so we don't oversell."


Dollar Hobbyz

order management

Streamlined Fulfillment

No matter your business, an integrated order management platform is the most basic and necessary element to successful multichannel selling.

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Powerful Automated Repricing

From rule-based to fully algorithmic, we've got the customized pricing strategy for your unique business to maximize profits and increase sales.

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Amazon Sellers

More Buy Boxes in Less Time

Winning the Buy Box real estate is at the top of every Amazon seller’s mind but that’s not the only thing it takes to make it as a successful seller on Amazon.

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