Rakuten Inventory Management Software

Rakuten’s rapid growth has turned the former Buy.com into an essential marketplace for e-commerce sellers worldwide. With SellerActive’s cloud-based inventory management system, Rakuten sellers can monitor and edit their listings alongside multiple other sales channels. As your products sell, you can manage and fulfill orders efficiently and effortlessly from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Rakuten Features We Support

Automatic Inventory Reporting

No need to import inventory changes manually! We can pull your current listings directly from Rakuten.

Inventory & Price Sync

Monitor and adjust inventory levels and product pricing through one online dashboard.

Protection from Overselling

Set a threshold for your inventory. If it gets low, your listings will temporarily go “out of stock.”

Collect Incoming Orders

Completed Rakuten orders can be managed and fulfilled through our cloud-based hub.

Gather Historical Data

Compile Rakuten-specific marketplace stats to check past (and help predict future) performance.

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