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“SellerActive is doing something that we have not found anywhere else...”

- Bradley Arkell
Dollar Hobbyz Co-Owner

Dollar Hobbyz Success Story

The Challenge

When twin brothers Bradley and Richard Arkell started Dollar Hobbyz, they hoped it would generate enough revenue to support their love of remote control cars. Instead, the business exploded with growth—and the founders were scrambling to keep up.

Dollar Hobbyz is an online hobby shop that sells remote control car and truck parts at up to 95 percent off retail prices. But without multichannel inventory control, the owners were stuck manually updating multiple marketplaces and their website—a time-intensive task that left them vulnerable to overselling products. Items for sale on eBay and the Dollar Hobbyz website would frequently sell at the same time, costing the company customers.



The Solution

The Dollar Hobbyz founders set their sites on marketplaces like Amazon and Best Buy, but worried that more intensive pricing and inventory demands would cripple the business. Then they came across SellerActive.

“[SellerActive is] doing something that we have not found anywhere else, and we’ve looked a lot of places. They were willing to help, and they were growing really fast too, just like we were,” Bradley said.

Dollar Hobbyz signed on to have SellerActive handle its pricing, inventory management, order management and shipping in 2012.

“They’ve been by our side the entire way, and they really tailor to our needs,” Bradley added.

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“Without SellerActive, we would crumble.”

- Bradley Arkell
Dollar Hobbyz Co-Owner


Because SellerActive automates the arduous tasks of pricing, inventory control and order management, the Dollar Hobbyz founders now have the time and energy to grow their business. Revenue climbed 68 percent from 2013 to 2014. During that time period, Dollar Hobbyz handled 102 percent more orders, while slashing costs 75 percent. It’s also expanded to new channels, including Amazon.

“Without SellerActive’s ability to scale our business, there’d really be no way for us to continue because we’d be so overwhelmed with orders and pricing and inventory,” Bradley said. “Without SellerActive, we would crumble.”

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