Island Watch + SellerActive

How a behind-the-scenes hero saved Island Watch time and money.


“SellerActive has provided a solution that is affordable, works well, and I almost never need to touch it. It's a 'behind-the-scenes' hero.”

- Marc Frankel
Owner of Island Watch

Island Watch Success Story

The Challenge

Marc Frankel was a mechanical engineer with a love for quality time pieces. He saw that good values were scarce in stores and on the web, and began selling watches online in 2003. As his business took off, Marc left his day job to run Island Watch full-time. He quickly realized he would need more help if he wanted to keep up with the rush of orders.

Island Watch sells unique, quality timepieces from all over the world at affordable prices. When Marc started his business, e-commerce was in its infancy. As his business expanded onto more sales channels, Marc needed an inventory management system that helped him balance inventory across multiple marketplaces and eliminate overselling and stock-outs.

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The Solution

Busy with family and managing his multi-marketplace business, Marc needed something that was easy to use and would automatically work without a lot of hands-on support after the initial setup. After researching options that were either too expensive or too cumbersome, Marc found SellerActive was able to accomplish everything he needed at a price his business could afford.

Because SellerActive was Marc's first and only inventory management system, there was the initial issue of synchronizing common part numbers between all marketplaces.

“SellerActive helped me by generating reports showing me where the part numbers didn't align,” Marc said.

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“It's like hiring a full-time employee to balance inventory...”

- Marc Frankel
Owner of Island Watch


SellerActive's inventory and order management software saves Marc hours a day in balancing inventory across his website, eBay, Amazon and the rest of his marketplaces. With streamlined business processes, SellerActive has been able to reduce overselling and increase sales of high availability items. Marc is taking advantage of SellerActive's other features too, like automated pricing software to boost his sales.

"SellerActive allows me time to focus on growing my business," Marc said. "It's like hiring a full-time employee to balance inventory."

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