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One Platform. Multiple Markets.

Selling Online Has Never Been Easier.

Reaching your customer, no matter where they are, can be a challenge. SellerActive offers an all-in-one online marketplace management system so you can sell, manage, and grow your business through multiple channels all within one platform.




Save Time & Simplify Processes

Setting up SellerActive is quick and easy. With Q&A live sessions, free consultations, videos, email, and phone/chat you can get your inventory online and out the door in no time.

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  • One System: Save time and update one product catalog that syncs across all of your marketplaces. 
  • Multiple Marketplaces: Keep accurate inventory across dozens of marketplaces and tools like Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.
  • Dedicated Support: Reach out to our Professional Service Team to set-up your account if you don’t have time or need additional assistance.

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Dynamic Pricing Wins Business

Real-time pricing tracks what your competitors are doing and keep your pricing competitive and your inventory moving. 

  • Maximize Margins: Evaluate multiple data points to make the best decisions for your business.
  • Competitive Planning: Compare your prices with direct competitors and strengthen your pricing strategy.
  • Sell In The Moment: Automatically update your price every 46 seconds and stay competitive. 

Accurate Inventory

Trying to keep accurate accounts of inventory across multiple channels is time consuming and complicated. With SellerActive, you will save time and money by having all of your data in one place.


  • Never Oversell: Inventory syncing keeps inventory accurate in real-time. 
  • Take Control of Logistics: Route orders to FBA or 3PL providers with the click of a button.
  • Bundling Made Easy: Automatically make product bundles unavailable when items sell out.

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Order Fulfillment Made Easy

Supply-chain management just got easier with SellerActive. Managing orders and fulfillment across different channels with SellerActive can save you time and money.

  • Full Visibility: Manage orders from all channels in one place.
  • Best Prices: Compare shipping prices in real-time to find the best deal.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Track sales, orders, and more from all channels to make better business decisions.


Reach Your Customers Like Never Before

With increasing ecommerce competition, it’s essential to diversify your selling strategy to more marketplaces.Take the complications and frustrations that come with selling on multiple channels out of the equation and focus on what matters to you and your business with SellerActive.