Amazon does not publicize the exact algorithm for determining who wins the Buy Box, but from our experience, price is the primary factor. Therefore, our software targets Buy Box placement by competing directly with whichever merchant currently holds the Buy Box, so you can beat that merchant out by whatever dollar or percentage amount you'd like.

SellerActive offers sellers three different strategies to win the Buy Box, all fully integrated with FBA:


Algorithmic Buy Box -

The Algorithmic BuyBox strategy lets SellerActive determine the optimal settings to continually reprice within your minimum and maximum pricing ranges you’ve set until you’ve captured the Buy Box. We don’t want you competing with someone who’s not in your league, so we will also look for feedback rating, leadtime to ship, fulfillment type (FBA or FBM), product category and more!


Buy Box-

Manually configure the settings to reprice your inventory to target the Amazon Buy Box when eligible.


Target Rank -

Target Rank prices your products to capture your desired rank on the marketplace according to price or price + shipping. Selecting “Rank 1”, for example, would set you at the lowest price. Selecting “Buy Box”  will set you up to target the Buy Box only.

SellerActive doesn’t stop at just pricing strategies! We also offer reporting and filters to help you optimize your pricing strategies and take full advantage of our tools.  Now you can use our new Buy Box filter to test pricing strategies and see which items are in the Buy Box.

Amazon sellers see 22% average revenue growth in the first 60 days of using SellerActive.

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