We are still going strong with our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 9th day of success SellerActive is giving you control over your lead to ship time over your eBay and Amazon orders!


Sometimes you need a little more control over your lead to ship time and SellerActive gives you that power. It’s as simple as export, adjust, and upload! Make changes in bulk or control an individual sku.

Here is how to take control of your lead to ship time:

From your dashboard click on the file upload icon. Select “Inventory” on the template files. Click download.


Find the sku’s of the items you are wanting to adjust. Make the correct adjustments to the action, site, and lead time to ship columns.


Save your excel file with the changes. From the File Upload page you can upload your changes in bulk.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions for new features and integrations contact our support team today at 1 800 545 738 or email us at Support@selleractive.com.