Welcome back to the 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 11th day of success SellerActive is giving you reporting and monitoring products at minimum price!

Minimum rank monitoring is very important when it comes to winning the buy box, picking a pricing strategy and making a profit. There are two different ways of viewing the number of products you are selling that have hit their minimum price and can no longer be repriced lower.

The Dashboard:
The SellerActive Dashboard shows you many different tiles to keep information that is important to you easily accessible. As a seller you have full control over these tiles and you can choose what information is important to you at first glance. To change the report in the tile, simple click on the settings gear on the corner of the page.

Manage Listings:
From the listing drop down select “Manage”. Here you can see all of your listings. If your item is at the minimum price you will see a yellow alert next to the minimum price. Use the advanced filter to pull all your items together that are at the minimum price. This view is also available for export to give you a more in-depth look. This information will help you determine if you need to adjust your product price and pricing strategy.