We are just getting started with our 12 days of success with SellerActive! On the 2nd day of success SellerActive is giving pulled in gift wrap messages on gift orders from marketplaces!


Whether it’s the holidays, anniversary, birthday or any celebration; everyone loves gifts! Now with more marketplaces offering the option to purchase an item as a gift sellers will need a way to make sure they can pull in the gift message written by the buyer and also hide the price amount from the gift receiver. SellerActive can pull in gift wrap messages and hide prices on gift orders!

To opt in to pull in gift messages and hiding gift prices you can select “Hide Prices in Gift Orders” and “Gift Messages” in the optional information section in the Packing slip settings. See below for walk through.

Manually uploading orders? No worries, we can handle that too! Download the Excel template and locate the section called “gift message” and enter the message from there.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for new features and integrations contact our support team today at 1 800 545 738 or email us at Support@selleractive.com.