Back in February 2017 eBay announced some big changes that will roll out May 1st. Being one of the top online retail destinations, eBay constantly makes updates and changes to meet the expectations and demands of shoppers and buyers alike. 

You may have noticed these new updates as of April 1st:

⬩ Top Rated Sellers became eligible to receive a $30 credit each quarter to promote their listings on eBay.

⬩ eBay-branded shipping supplies coupon for Anchor Store subscribers increased from $75 to $150 per quarter.


Here are some of the changes to keep in mind for the May 1st release:

⬩ Final value fees for Store subscriptions set to increase in certain selling categories.

⬩ The “Top Rated Plus” final value fee discount will drop from 20% to 10% of qualifying listings.

⬩ Final value fees for sellers who do not meet eBay's minimum performance standards will increase by 4% on items sold.

⬩ Third-party product listing ads will be removed across the eBay platform to help boost the visibility of seller’s promoted listings.