Happy Friday, everyone!

We’ve worked on a few big changes these past two weeks, and we’re excited to announce them to you today.

Jet.com integration changes

We’ve worked with Jet to improve our integration. Sellers who authorize SellerActive as their third party integrator no longer need to go through Jet’s “test runway” to list products on the site. It’s a quicker, more efficient way to get up and running on Jet that will save you time and effort.

If you’re already up and running on Jet, this won’t affect you.

Thinking about expanding your business to include Jet? Now’s the perfect time. Our support team can guide you through the process and give you advice on how to get approved. Click here to learn more about SellerActive’s Jet integration, or contact our support team for guidance on how to expand to Jet.

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Amazon Product Import Tool updates [BETA]

Since we launched the beta version of our Amazon Product Import Tool two weeks ago, we’ve been working hard on improving it, and listening to our beta testers as they learn to use this new tool.

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added variation imports to the Amazon Product Import Tool. If your business has products with size or color variations, we’ll import them as part of your SellerActive product catalog.

Aesthetic changes

On your Manage Orders page, you’ll see we’ve moved a set of popular buttons to the top for easier navigation. We’ve also added a handy “return to top” button, for all you sellers with a large number of listings.

Screenshot of changes to manage orders screen


Have a feature you would like to suggest? We would love to hear from you! Contact our support team via email at support@selleractive.com, or call 1-800-545-7385.