TGIF, Sellers!

The team at SellerActive has been working hard on these latest updates, which can help you publish, re-publish and fulfill items quicker and easier than ever.

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been cooking:

Queued SquareQueued Status Added

Looking to know more about where your listings are in the publication process? Check out the new queued status for listings on the publish page.

When listings are submitted for publication, they’ll be set to “queued”. This will let you know that your listings have not been submitted to the channel for listing yet. When they’re picked up by our publishing service to submit to the channel, your listings will be moved over to “publishing”.

Walmart Unpublish Square

Detect Unpublished Walmart Items

Having issues with Walmart unpublishing items? You can now resolve importation issues within SellerActive.

Walmart frequently unpublishes items that were previously listed. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the most common is the Price Parity Rule. This rule automatically unpublishes items from Walmart if a customer would save by purchasing the same item from the same seller on a competing website (including the cost of shipping).

With SellerActive’s publish tool update, you can now easily see unpublished items, and take steps to reprice and republish them.

BigCommerce Square

Cross-Channel Fulfillment for BigCommerce

Big news for BigCommerce sellers – we’ve updated this integration to allow for automated cross channel fulfillment.

To enable cross channel fulfillment on the BigCommerce marketplace, simply go to your Amazon integration and create shipping method mapping for your BigCommerce orders. Once that is set up, your BigCommerce orders for FBA inventory will automatically be sent to FBA. 


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