Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better, and we are excited to share our updates with you!

Support for eBay Guaranteed Delivery - Like Amazon, eBay has recognized that a buyer’s decision to purchase from a seller often hinges on delivery speed. SellerActive now supports the eBay guaranteed Door to Door program  by pulling in the delivery dates chosen by the buyer into the dashboard after the sale. If you're also using our DesktopShipper integration, soon we will  automatically send the guaranteed delivery date over along with your order information. Orders that have an eBay guaranteed delivery will appear with a small “e” next to the order.


 Jet.com Integration Bulk Feed Update - To help keep inventory and listings up to Jet.com standards, SellerActive will update your inventory every 24 hours regardless of changes in inventory.  For our Jet.com sellers, this means even more accurate and reliable updates for their Jet.com product listings!

Coming Soon!

Our engineers are hard at work on our next major product update, so stay tuned  for a big announcement about our listing tool, featuring WooCommerce and Walmart listing!

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