TGIFF… Thank Goodness It’s Feature Friday! This time of year we don’t focus on rolling out a ton of new features, given how close we are to most of our customer’s holiday rushes.  Mostly, we’ve been focused on developing our major product upgrades for 2018 and polishing current functionality and features for clients. With that said, we were still able to squeeze in some last minute updates!


New Features:

  • Amazon Orders with Gift Wrap Options - Just in time for the holidays!  SellerActive already supported Gift Wrap messages on imported Amazon orders. Now, SellerActive will also import the exact Gift Wrapping options selected by the buyer.  This info will be shown on the packing slip and provided via the “Product Options” field of our API so the seller can fulfill appropriately!

Other Product Updates:

  • Walmart Shipping Options API Update - Walmart recently updated their API so that only specific carriers would be accepted for orders being fulfilled. Not to worry! SellerActive now automatically maps your desired carrier selection via our integrated shipping partners, such as DesktopShipper and ShipStation, to Walmart’s pre-approved carrier list so that your order updates sent back to Walmart are always accepted.
  • Algorithmic BuyBox Pricing Method Update - Previously, Amazon would not send complete marketdata to SellerActive for rare instances where a seller who captured the BuyBox had both a new and used condition listing with drastically different prices. This would cause our Algorithmic BuyBox Pricing Method to sometimes not make the most optimal next price adjustment. The algorithm has now been enhanced to detect this scenario and make the proper adjustment to maximize your margins.
  • Enhanced Date Filters - Date filters on order reports have been enhanced so they are now even more accurate!

Have a feature you would like to suggest? We would love to hear from you!

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