It’s Friday! We have been busy making updates and have so much to share with you!

Jet Variations - Listing to with SellerActive just got better with variation listings.


Walmart Integration Live - If you are a current approved seller for Walmart you can start using SellerActive’s Walmart integration today! If you have questions regarding becoming a Walmart seller contact our sales team to learn more.


FTP upgrade - We now have a new FTP integration tile for sellers to view FTP activity. To learn more about our FTP approval process and implementation contact our sales staff to learn more.

Buy Box Filters - Now you can use our new BuyBox filter to test pricing strategies and see which items are in the BuyBox.


Minor feature releases:

  • Time Zones Reporting - Your current time will report in your reports.
  • Amazon Promise Dates - Now you can view the Amazon’s promised shipping date directly within your account to help you better prioritize your order fulfillment.
  • Amazon Manage restock dates - SellerActive now has the ability to manage Amazon restock dates.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for new features and integrations contact our support team today at 1 800 545 738 or email us at