Feature Friday 12-02

December 02,2016
by Kristin Foster

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It’s Friday! We have been busy making updates and have so much to share with you!

Jet Variations - Listing to Jet.com with SellerActive just got better with variation listings.


Walmart Integration Live - If you are a current approved seller for Walmart you can start using SellerActive’s Walmart integration today! If you have questions regarding becoming a Walmart seller contact our sales team to learn more.


FTP upgrade - We now have a new FTP integration tile for sellers to view FTP activity. To learn more about our FTP approval process and implementation contact our sales staff to learn more.

Buy Box Filters - Now you can use our new BuyBox filter to test pricing strategies and see which items are in the BuyBox.


Minor feature releases:

  • Time Zones Reporting - Your current time will report in your reports.
  • Amazon Promise Dates - Now you can view the Amazon’s promised shipping date directly within your account to help you better prioritize your order fulfillment.
  • Amazon Manage restock dates - SellerActive now has the ability to manage Amazon restock dates.

To start using all these new features log into your account to get started. If you have questions, comments or suggestions for new features and integrations contact our support team today at 1 800 545 738 or email us at Support@selleractive.com.

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