Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better and we are excited to share some of our latest updates with you!


Pricing Page View - Our new pricing page view has proven to be such a great success with our end users that we have retired the older pricing page view.


Repricing Sales Price on Amazon - Now customers will see a slash through the list price, a slash through the new price and showing the final sale price in red when you are repricing sales prices on Amazon.

Repricing sales price on Amazon

Exclude Sellers Based on Feedback Count - Now you can choose which sellers you would like to exclude from competing against based on the seller's feedback count. This option will not impact the items currently using algorithmic pricing strategy because it is already built into that pricing strategy.

UPC Listing to Jet.com - Selling on Jet.com? Now you can use UPC listing and ASIN to list your products on Jet.com.

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