The newest features hitting SellerActive this week are all about convenience. Below, you’ll find updates to the platform that will make your time as a seller much easier!


Split Price and/or Quantity Updates on Shopify – Following other popular SellerActive integrations (Amazon, eBay, etc.), Shopify users now have the opportunity to update prices and quantity separately within SellerActive. For example, this offers flexibility for our customers who use a separate point-of-sale system to run their business, and wish to control price and quantity separately.

Amazon Sale Price Management – Do you often put your Amazon items on sale? Now, you are able to manage those sale items and use the SellerActive repricing tools to maximize your sales.

Bulk Vendor Upload Tool – Sellers that have many vendors are now able to upload them in bulk into SellerActive. This will be especially helpful for dropshipping sellers who have many vendors they utilize on a daily basis to get the product to the customer in a timely manner.

FBA Fees Listed in Sales Report – No more guessing how many fees were associated with each of your sales! We have added the following fees for each sale to the SellerActive sales report: Pick & Pack, Storage, Referral, Delivery.

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