Happy Friday! We have been working hard to make your experience with SellerActive even better and we are excited to share some of our latest updates and new pricing features with you!

New ASIN Creation Tool - The ASIN listing tool is ready for you to start using today from the “Listings” drop down option on the dashboard. Our new ASIN creation tool is ready for Amazon listings, and we are quickly working on expanding the tool out for other major online marketplaces!

UPC Exemption Support for ASIN - If your listing is exempt from using UPC, our ASIN creation tool can support these listings.

Updates to Increased Speeds - New architectural updates increase speeds for reporting including report download speeds and price changes. For example we are processing the price changes from Amazon's API 90% faster than before!

FallBack Pricing strategy - Choose a fallback strategy for when there are an insufficient number of qualified competitors to price against. For example, if you had a strategy that competed against only Amazon but there was not a listing for Amazon we will use a fallback pricing strategy to keep you competitive. This feature is available to clients in the Pro tier and above.

Dynamic Minimum and Maximum Price Setting - Now you have control over the minimum and maximum price for your listings. The cost stored in your SellerActive account plus an optional modifier ($ or %) will be used as the minimum and maximum price. This helps protect your listing from going over or under a determined price.

Price Security  - Setting a price security percentage will prevent SellerActive from adjusting your prices by more than the specified percentage down in a single price change. This helps sellers avoid getting undercut in pricing from other sellers who may have listed their product at a price the seller is not comfortable with.

Control Buy Box Configuration - Our new Buy Box algorithm settings offers you complete control over risk tolerance and precision allowing you to control repricing range, speed, and accuracy. Set your risk tolerance and repricing precision to the best setting for your unique business situation, allowing you greater control over capturing the buy box and maximizing margins.

Minor feature releases:

  • Image Hosting - SellerActive now hosts product images for ASIN creation to streamline your production.
  • Compete against specific sellers - SellerActive has given you the option now to target and compete against specific sellers.
Have a feature you would like to suggest? We would love to hear from you!

Contact our support team via email at support@selleractive.com or call 1-800-545-7385