Because SellerActive has a huge suite of tools and features that are designed to make your life easier, we thought it would be great to regularly spotlight one here on the blog. You may learn something new about a tool you’ve been using, or learn about a feature you may not even know we offered.

Drop-shipping is becoming more and more popular in today’s e-commerce world because it allows sellers to buy products individually from a wholesaler and ship them directly to the customer. SellerActive has some great tools that can save drop-shippers a lot of time and energy.  We have a dynamic upload tool at SellerActive but this week we are just going to feature how easy it is for drop-shippers to get tracking information back to marketplaces through the Order Management part of our Upload tool.


Pictured below are the requirements for an Excel template that we at SellerActive have created for our client’s convenience:

SellerActive Excel template

As you can see, all you need is to add Site, Site Order ID, Shipping Carrier, and Tracking Number into the Excel template and you’re good to go, as seen in this image below:

SellerActive Drop-Shipping Template

Keep in mind that we moved a couple columns around within the template to have them all together, which shows you how flexible our Upload Tool is.

From here all you have to do is upload your file into our system from the File Upload page (Listings > File Upload).

SellerActive File Upload Page

We will then track the respective marketplaces so you can get back to more important things — like growing your business!