Starting now eBay sellers can use our eBay Listing Tool to upload listings in bulk. We’ve replaced a confusing set of error codes and unfriendly interfaces used by eBay’s File Exchange utility with an intuitive tool designed to save eBay merchants time and aggravation.

The eBay Bulk Listing Tool is a free upgrade for all SellerActive customers. It’s already in your account. Anyone transitioning from another marketplace like Amazon will find the tool especially useful. Just export listings from one marketplace, edit the template a bit, and upload the listings to eBay. If you’ve put off listing on eBay because of the difficulty in establishing a large volume of items, this is no longer an issue. You can expand your channels and start selling all your products on eBay right away.

Making it even easier, some of the data necessary to establish eBay listings is already in SellerActive. Our tool will populate new listings with existing information automatically. It won’t be necessary any longer to repetitively copy and paste. That tedious and error-prone operation is a thing of the past.

There are a few details you should know before trying out the tool. eBay listing policies and fees will still apply – sorry, we couldn’t do anything about those! But we designed the new tool to fix the difficult process of bulk item listings that our customers have told us is a major roadblock for them. We hope you like what we’ve done.

The eBay Bulk Listing Tool is a foundation for additional listing services SellerActive plans to offer soon.  Expect further announcements as we expand on our suite of seller-friendly products, tools and functionality. Please let us know if there are features you’d like to see included in future releases of our products. Your input is vitally important to our company’s design and development strategy. Get a demo today and see the eBay bulk listing tool in action!

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