Today on the SellerActive blog, we are sharing the latest and greatest updates to our platform. Take a look and let us know in the comments below how these updates will help you with your e-commerce business!

New Bundle Reports – The SellerActive bundle report displays current bundles and quantities. You can also modify bundles and debundle items, then upload the report via the File Upload page to enact those changes in SellerActive.

Manual Integration Option – The Manual integration is a great way to store inventory and orders that do not belong with any of your other integrations. For example, you could use it for an online marketplace SellerActive is not yet integrated with, or for your brick-and-mortar store.

The Manual integration functions as a holding tank for inventory and orders for any one of your marketplaces. You can add and modify individual listings manually, via API connection, or by file upload.

NOTE: This integration is for use within SellerActive only. Any adjustments to listings or order information will not automatically push to the marketplace you are synchronizing orders and listings from.

Buy Box Report Update – SellerActive is now able to tell you the percentage of time each SKU has occupied the Amazon Buy Box within the current Buy Box report. This statistic will be most accurate for items that have constantly been in stock. Data has been running since 4/15, so go ahead and try it out with your products!

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