SellerActive has launched new dashboard graphs to track customers sales and usage. You can find the new charts on the main dashboard after logging into your account. All graphs are now in USD and all times reported are based on the local time set on your account.

The new dashboard charts show daily, weekly and monthly sales from your SellerActive account along with your current purchased tier revenue limits and usage.

The daily graph shows purchases by the hour on a given date. All times are current with the time zone set by the account.

SellerActive Daily Sales Volume Chart

The weekly graph will show all sales by day.

Weekly Sales Volume Graph on SellerActive

The monthly graph will show all sales from the past 30 days.

Monthly Sales Volume Graph on SellerActive

The usage graph now shows your gross merchandise volume usage throughout your billing period and will scale automatically as your account progresses through the billing period.

This usage graph will also show when you exceed your usage limit or if you are projected to exceed the limit of your purchased tier.

Usage Graph on SellerActive
Exceeding limits graph on SellerActive