Big changes are happening here at SellerActive – changes to our Buy Box algorithm, that is!

Whether you have already set up your SellerActive account, or you’re contemplating using our product for your Amazon business needs, we want to make sure you have the best understanding of how we can help you capture the buy box.

The table below will help you fully understand the differences between the options we offer our clients when it comes to the Buy Box. Our latest release, the Advanced Buy Box Method 2.0, is the best option because it not only helps sellers capture the Buy Box, it defends their profits too!

SellerActive Amazon Buy Box Options

The Advanced Buy Box 2.0 considers more than just price when competing for the Buy Box. We don’t want you wasting resources on someone who’s not in your league, so we will also look for feedback rating, leadtime to ship, fulfillment type (FBA or FBM), product category and more!

To get started with the Advanced Buy Box 2.0 on the SellerActive platform, be sure to select the “Let SellerActive Pick My Settings” option when you’re working on your pricing strategy.

Need help or want to talk to someone about our newest feature? Give us a call at 1.800.545.7385!