eBay recently announced they are changing their fee structure, yet again. Some sellers will see eBay store operating costs rise by 75%, and only have one month to make decisions for their business moving forward.

The higher fees will take effect on May 6th for basic, premium and anchor stores. See below a chart that explains the fees from our friends at eCommerceBytes.com.


Many sellers on the eBay Community Forums are announcing their plans to close their store with one user writing, “I paid eBay about $5000 last year in fees, but I guess that is not enough for them” and another saying, “Agree. Goodbye eBay.” We will be looking forward to seeing how it plays out within the next few months, and will keep our readers updated.

There are a few benefits to the eBay Seller Update, that include dedicated customer service for Anchor stores and eBay branded shipping supply coupons for each tier.

For more information, you can find the eBay announcement here or simply reply to this post and we’ll help you out!