A bad review is often the worst thing you want to see as an Amazon seller. Many sellers know that winning the Buy Box is best achieved by improving feedback score, so when sellers receive bad reviews or feedback of their product, they may get upset and try to get the feedback removed. However, bad feedback on Amazon isn’t necessarily a bad thing:

Bad Feedback Offers Balance

A seller with nothing but outstanding feedback may run a really great business, or they may be paying for the praise, which is against Amazon’s policy. Consumers trust the business owners more when they see both good and bad ratings, which could potentially lead to a lift in sales down the road.

Also, if a seller has a sudden increase in sales, but not an increase in positive feedback, Amazon may investigate the account for underlying reasons that they are not aware of, but should be.  

You Can Fix Unknown Issues

Sellers should always accept feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. With negative feedback, sellers are able to focus on the issue and fix it as quickly as they can. For example, if many customers complain of poor packaging, it’s an easy fix on the seller’s end. A quick resolution is important in these situations, because it gives the seller a chance to resolve the issue while it’s still fresh in the customer’s mind.

Once the seller feels that they have solved the issue the best they can, the fate of the feedback is in the customer’s hands. The customer has the option to edit or remove the feedback after a solution has been made.

Bad Feedback Is Better Than No Feedback

Not receiving feedback from your customers is often times worse than receiving negative feedback. As mentioned above, sellers are able to communicate with the customer to rectify the situation at hand and potentially change the rating. Also, an increase in sales without feedback could lead to an investigation by Amazon, which would not happen if there were a handful of negative reviews.
With all of this in mind, of course, positive feedback should still be your goal if you’re an Amazon seller. Have you ever received negative feedback from a customer and if so, what did you do about it?