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More Efficient Multichannel Fulfillment

With SellerActive’s Desktop Shipper Cloud integration, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your multichannel fulfillment with easier scanning, printing and packing. Take your e-commerce operation to the next level. 

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Advanced Listing Management & Fulfillment

Get the best of both worlds by leveraging the power of SellerActive’s multichannel listing management and DesktopShipper’s robust fulfillment software. Save time and money and grow sales at the same time with superior technology for your business.

Preferred Carrier Integration

Set a preferred carrier, and detect prices for major shipping companies like FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, and many more.

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The SellerActive team showed me that they could easily deal with over 100,000 SKUs, which my business required.”
Gavin Trippe
CEO of 2 Wheel

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