Spark Shipping Integration

Spark Shipping Integration

Spark Shipping automates the connection between SellerActive and any dropshipper, vendor, wholesaler, 3PL, warehouse or manufacturer!  Spark Shipping combines with SellerActive to synchronize inventory quantities, product costs, orders and tracking/shipment data, completing the selling lifecycle. 

Spark Shipping Features We Support

Automated Inventory Management Icon

Automated Inventory Management

Spark Shipping will process feeds from your suppliers to automatically update your inventory, keeping it fully in sync with vendors.  Feed methods supported include CSV, FTP, XML, API, or manual upload. 

Automated Order Routing Icon

Automated Order Routing

Automatically route orders to vendors, distributors, suppliers, or fulfillment centers.  Spark Shipping automatically sends incoming orders to the correct vendor in any format the vendor requires. 

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Automated Tracking

In real-time, Spark Shipping will automatically update tracking in SellerActive when vendors send tracking updates.                                                                          

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