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Walmart Inventory Management Software

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Expand your e-commerce reach with SellerActive’s powerful Walmart Marketplace listing and repricing tools to capture more buy boxes and increase sales


Easily create and manage listings on


Maximize revenue and margins with auto repricing strategies

The world has become so fast paced that people don’t want to stand by reading a page of information, they would much rather look at a presentation and understand the message.


Set inventory thresholds to protect from overselling

Start selling on Walmart Marketplace by easily importing all your current product listings

Import stock quantities, prepare multiple products for sale using our bundle upload template, and quickly combine multiple SKUs under one listing.

When you’re ready to submit, SellerActive's Walmart Inventory Management Software helps you prepare listings for publication and helps you fix upload errors that prevent your Walmart listings from going live.


Walmart Strategy Options

Capture the Walmart Buy Box 93% of the time with SellerActive Automated Repricing

Leverage SellerActive’s powerful algorithmic repricing technology to help you capture the Walmart Buy Box 93% of the time when items are not at their minimum prices.

Use Price Mirroring to stay Walmart-compliant by adjusting prices on all sales channels.

Never oversell on Walmart

As soon as you make a sale or update your inventory on Walmart Marketplace, SellerActive automatically coordinates product quantities on every channel you sell on, protecting you from overselling.

When you’re ready to ship, SellerActive consolidates your orders into a single location for easy fulfillment.

Pricing Strategies

“SellerActive’s automated repricing strategies helped us ensure profitability while maintaining competitiveness.”
- Alec Prianti, Universal Christmas

"SellerActive connected all of our marketplaces into one and allowed us to expand into other marketplaces with their integrations. I would recommend them to any company selling items on multiple websites and/or marketplaces.”
Jen Thomas
General Manager of Kidstuff’s

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*Conditions apply. Available for eligible US domestic sellers only.

New-Seller Savings conditions. Eligible businesses must be first-time domestic Walmart Marketplace sellers who meet all qualification criteria to join the platform and start selling after 1/26/23. To receive the initial 10% discount on referral fees on the seller’s entire assortment for up to 90 days, participating sellers must complete onboarding steps and fill out the New-Seller Survey. Sellers must complete the survey before they go live. Additional referral fee rate discount will apply to products shipped or fulfilled by Walmart Fulfillment Services for a +5% referral fee discount, Walmart Connect for a +5% referral fee discount, and the Repricer tool for a +5% referral fee discount, resulting in a combined total maximum referral fee discount of 25%. Sellers must have items sent to a WFS fulfillment center to qualify for the additional 5% WFS discount. No Seller-Fulfilled orders will be eligible for the extra 5% WFS referral fee discount. Sellers must have items enrolled in Walmart Connect with associated Walmart Connect spend. No orders without associated Walmart Connect spend will be eligible for the additional 5% Walmart Connect referral fee discount. Sellers must have items enrolled in the Repricer program and have set up their winning pricing strategy. No orders without Repricer enrollment and winning pricing strategy set-up will be eligible for the additional 5% Repricer referral fee discount. The 90-day referral fee rate reduction period starts with the first payment cycle after an eligible seller begins selling on Walmart reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend or terminate this offer at any time in its discretion.

Walmart Connect Ad Credit Offer: Three weeks after onboarding to Marketplace as a Walmart Seller, a notice will be sent via email with details regarding a $500 Sponsored Products ad credit offer from Walmart Connect (“Offer Email”). To accept the offer, a Seller must 1) opt in using the link provided, 2) accept the Ad Credit Terms and Conditions, and 3) run an ad campaign(s) for Sponsored Search advertising. Ad credits will be automatically applied in the Seller’s next full bi-weekly invoice. The ad credits are valid for 90 days after the Offer Email was sent by Walmart Connect, and any unused amounts will be forfeited after this period. Ad credits have no cash value and cannot be transferred. All applicable federal, state, and local laws apply.