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Centralized Multichannel Listing Management

Import your listings from WooCommerce to SellerActive directly, and build a centralized product catalog that you can use to bulk upload listings to multiple sales channels. With bundle uploading, you can quickly combine multiple SKUs under one listing, and with variation support, you can save time by importing multiple colors and sizes to SellerActive.

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Custom Repricing Strategies

Leverage SellerActive’s powerful algorithmic technology to set a mirror or velocity repricing strategy that can help you gain exposure online and beat the competition.

Multichannel Order Consolidation

When you make a sale, SellerActive automatically adjusts your quantities across all sales channels, helping you avoid stockouts and overselling. When it’s time to ship, fulfill your WooCommerce orders faster and easier with automated order management tools like real-time carrier rate shipping, cross-channel Amazon FBA integration, and more.

The ability to sync multiple accounts to this software makes things so much easier as far as inventory management goes. The ability to allocate quantities across multiple stores is extremely useful and helps prevent overselling."
Abby B.
Auto Industry Customer

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