• March 20 2018
    Cross channel fulfillment for BigCommerce
    We've updated our BigCommerce integration to allow for automated cross channel fulfillment!

    To enable cross channel fulfillment on the BigCommerce marketplace, simply go to your Amazon integration and create a shipping method mapping for your BigCommerce orders. Once that is set up, your BigCommerce orders for FBA inventory will automatically be sent to FBA.

  • March 19 2018
    Newegg Business
    Newegg Business is now available!

    We've completed our integration for Newegg Business. For more detailed information, visit our feature blog.

  • March 19 2018
    SkuVault performance enhancements
    Our integration with SkuVault has been moved over to more modern infrastructure.

    SellerActive’s integration with inventory management system SkuVault is now faster, more stable, and in line with our new design pattern. We’re constantly making improvements to how SkuVault and SellerActive work together, and will be closely monitoring the next few weeks to ensure these changes enhance communication between the two platforms, and improve customer workflows.

  • March 19 2018
    New dialog modal
    We've updated the confirmation dialogs on our listing tools to be consistent across the application.
  • March 12 2018
    Listing variation fixes
    We've resolved an issue where listings variations were not loading in the listing editor in some cases after they have been saved.
  • March 12 2018
    Current Rank changes
    An issue has been resolved where duplicate rows were showing up in the Walmart current rank box.
  • March 12 2018
    Jet Multipack Quantity
    We've added a Multipack Quantity to the Jet.com listing templates.
  • March 12 2018
    Product ID validation
    We are now validating the ProductID's (UPC, ISBN, etc.) that are used when creating listings through our listing builder.
  • March 07 2018
    Amazon Cognito
    We've moved over to Amazon Cognito for our authentication provider

    We've quietly swapped out our authentication provider for Amazon Cognito. On its own this will provide us with better security while also setting us up to provide some highly demanded features in the future, like multiple account logins and user permissions.

  • March 06 2018
    New Jet.com refund options
    New refund options for Jet.com are now available in the Jet refund and return tool.

    The options available to you to process a Jet.com refund from SellerActive will are now:

    • Item is missing parts/accessories
    • Wrong Item
    • Item damaged
    • Returned outside window
    • Restocking fee
    • Not shipped in original packaging
    • Rerouting fee

    The “other” option is removed and the notes field is now optional.

  • March 05 2018
    eBay packing slips
    Issue resolved for missing images on the packing slips.

    SellerActive has functionality to first use the image URL for the order on the packing slip and if that doesnt exist then we'll try the listing image URL. For this particular issue, the image URL on the order existed but was incorrect and so we never defaulted to the working listing URL.

  • March 05 2018
    Product Updates
    We've launched a new way to display our product updates!

    We'll use this platform to highlight the small updates, bug fixes and bits of information that aren't big enough for a blog post or a press release. Don't worry, for anything important enough to materially affect your workflow, we'll still let you know by email or blog.