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How do I add Maximum and Minimum inventory buffers to my listings?

Maximum and Minimum inventory buffers are great tools to help manage your existing listing quantity on your sales channels to eliminate overselling, and restrict the available quantity shown on your marketplaces. There are benefits to either option and you can learn more about what these fields are in this article.

This article focuses on how you can apply these values. These buffers are marketplace specific and you do not need to include available quantity at the time you process an upload. 

Inventory buffers can interact with FBA quantities on non-Amazon marketplaces. For example, a Maximum Buffer will work with a FBA SKU that is on eBay but it will not impact the quantity on the Amazon site itself. 

Within the UI: 

  1. Go within the Listings Workspace and search for the SKU you wish to update.
  2. Click the marketplace row for that given listing. This will open the SKUPane for that marketplace
  3. You will see the options Min Threshold (MinListing Buffer) and Max Visible (MaxListing Buffer). Enter your buffers and save before moving to the next marketplace (if applicable).
    1. Saving the buffer will immediately prompt an update to the sales channel. 

In bulk via a flat file upload: 

You can update the buffers for multiple marketplaces at once via a file upload. This submission will move through our legacy Upload process. Unlike the new Import process, the column headers need to be very specific and you are unable to map them prior to the feed submission.  

  1. Go into the Listings Workspace and search for the SKU you wish to update. Select all marketplaces that you want to update the buffer on by checking the boxes on the left for those listings.
  2. Click on the "Export" button, keep the "Selected rows" and "Listings" defaulted selections and click "Export." Download the file by going to "Tools" in the left panel, then "My Files" and then the "Exports" section.
  3. You will see a column for Max Listing Buffer (Max Visible) and Min Listing Buffer (Min Threshold). Add the values you want for your new buffers. Save the file.
  4. Back within SellerActive, go to Tools -> File Uploads. Upload the file into the system. When the file has completed processing, the values will be sent to the sales channel.