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Can SellerActive import quantities from my sales channel on a consistent basis?

YES! You can leverage Cart Multichannel Management's repricing and order management while also using other services.

Cart Multichannel Management is considered an "all-in-one" service that can handle quantity updates, price updates (with repricing), and order management. With that said, we can establish your account so that quantity updates can continue to be managed on the sales channel directly instead of by Cart Multichannel Management.

Once your integrations have been established, we can set your integration to let quantities from your sales channel override the quantities we have locally. By turning your Inbound settings ON within your integration settings, we can allow for the quantity outside Cart Multichannel Management to update your listings. This will allow you to keep your other third-party services in place while Cart Multichannel Management only sends Outbound price updates. 


  • Cart Multichannel Management can reprice your active listings only if there is quantity present within Cart Multichannel Management. If the quantity is 0 then your items will not reprice. 
  • Typically we import quantities for a sales channel once every 24 hours. 

Here is an example of how your sales channel's settings (Settings -> Integrations) will look like with this workflow in place: 

image (1)-3

The first integration you integrate with Cart Multichannel Management will be where we draw quantities from moving forward. If you integrate more then one sales channel then we will prioritize the first integration that was connected in our system.

How to create a workflow where the sales channel is updating the quantity within Cart Multichannel Management:

  1. Integrate the sales channel that you want to update Cart Multichannel Management FIRST
  2. Verify that Inbound Setting "Import Listings" is ON
  3. Verify that Outbound Setting "Allow Cart Multichannel Management to manage and export quantities" is OFF

You're all set!

Positives of quantity being updated outside of Cart Multichannel Management:

  • You don't have to manage quantities within two or more platforms. 
  • You can create and assign pricing strategies and then let Cart Multichannel Management's repricing software do the work.
  • With the appropriate settings in place, you can still publish to the sales channel without sending quantities consistently to your sales channels (see "Allow publishing of new product listings and updates to existing listing properties" setting under OUTBOUND).

Negatives of quantity being updated outside of Cart Multichannel Management:

  • Cart Multichannel Management was originally built to be the quantity hub so many features are catered toward the full experience of managing your catalog. Many features within the Products and Listings workspace can be ignored. 
  • Quantities will not update as fast within our platform. The quantities will be sent to us eventually, but there could ultimately be gaps in time between price attempts (as the quantity may be 0 within our system). 
  • We would still need the Product's/SKU's in our system in order to reprice. 

    Is this the same as having an FTP, Spark Shipping, or Inventory source updated my quantities? 

    NO! The workflow outlined above is different then a an FTP or another service updating quantities for you automatically. This workflow is specifically where we will have the sales channel update Cart Multichannel Management on an automated basis. 

    Just as a reminder: If you have more than one sales channel integrated with Cart Multichannel Management, the first integration that was established would be holding priority.

    If you need this sales channel designation adjusted, or if you want to confirm which sales channel we are pulling from, please reach out to our Support Team.