How to Integrate your Amazon Account

Each country has a separate Amazon integration so you will need to complete the following steps for each Amazon integration or country you sell on

  1. Navigate to the integrations page by clicking on the Integrations quick link from your dashboard OR  under the toolbar option for Settings > Integrations
  2. Select the Amazon site you would like to connect to Cart’s Multichannel Management
  3. Click “Add Account” and you will be re-directed to Amazon
  4. Log in to Amazon
  5. Agree to allowing Amazon MWS Access for Cart’s Multichannel Management
  6. Accept the Terms and Conditions and you will be redirected back to your Cart’s Multichannel Management account

After successfully completing these steps, your integration will automatically become active. Your listings and orders from Amazon will begin to import into your Cart’s Multichannel Management account.

Note: The price and quantity sync setting within Cart’s Multichannel Management should not be enabled when you are initially setting up a marketplace. This will allow Cart’s Multichannel Management to import your inventory and orders without sending any price or quantity updates out to the marketplace. It is best to hold off on enabling this setting until you’ve worked with your Implementation Specialist and are familiar with Cart’s Multichannel Management’s features and functionality for Amazon.