Seller Fulfilled Prime


Seller Fulfilled Prime allows you to list your products as Prime-eligible and handle the fulfillment yourself. You can display the Prime badge on products you already ship directly to customers with two-day shipping and free standard shipping.

There is no fee to enroll in Seller Fulfilled Prime. However, before you participate you must meet certain performance requirements during a trial period to demonstrate that you can meet customers' service expectations. After successfully completing the trial period you will be automatically enrolled in the program.

How do I know when an order in my SellerActive account is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

There will be a "P" marker displayed next to the Seller Fulfilled Prime order within the Order Manager page. This is a visual marker and will not affect how SellerActive handles orders.


This marker is transmitted to Desktop Shipper along with the order to indicate that it is eligible for specific shipping methods that your other orders may not be

Note: For ShipStation users, the SellerActive store in ShipStation does not display an identifier for your prime orders. There are a few alternate ways you can setup SellerActive and ShipStation to work in conjunction for your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders. Contact your implementation specialist or our Support team for more information.