API - Accepted Shipping Carriers

Make sure to send the correct Shipping Carrier with your shipping updates!

Utilizing SellerActive's open API, you can send order updates to our platform. These order updates would then be reflected to the sales channel (with the expectation that all of the appropriate fields are filled out). But, not all order updates were created equal!

When you are submitting a shipping carrier name (i.e. USPS or Fedex) to SellerActive, you will want to make sure you send the correct shipping carrier name. If you submit a shipping carrier that is fake or does not exist in our pre-establish list of carriers, SellerActive will automatically set that Shipping Carrier to "Other".

With that said, if you submit an API call to us with a shipping carrier that we accept, it will successfully log within SellerActive and we will attempt to update the sales channel with it. 

Here is the accepted list of Shipping carriers that are stored within SellerActive: 

Download the full list of Shipping Carriers HERE


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What if I submit a Shipping Carrier that is not designated in this list? Will the update still reflect to SellerActive and the sales channel?

What if I submit a Shipping Carrier that is not designated in this list? Will the update still reflect to SellerActive and the sales channel?

If you submit a PUT API call with all of the required fields but the Shipping Carrier is not part of our established list, we will still accept the API PUT update. While the carrier is not on our list, we will adapt the carrier automatically to ensure that the update reaches the sales channel. 

For example:

Let's say we have an "Unshipped" order within SellerActive. We send a PUT API call and include the carrier name "SellerActive's Shipping" with my payload as well as set the order to "Shipped".

Here is what that PUT call may look like:



"ShippingCarrier":"SellerActive's Shipping"}]


The order status will update as expected within SellerActive BUT, due to "SellerActive's Shipping" not being an accepted carrier, the ShippingCarrier would be assigned as "Other".

Why can't SellerActive accept my custom Shipping Carrier? 

The specific reason is that the sales channels are very particular and they do not accept just any shipping or tracking updates. If we were to send a "random" shipping carrier then the order update may fail and the order would not be updated. SellerActive's role is to ensure that your orders are updated properly. 

I just send a PUT call to SellerActive but the shipping and tracking information did not reach the sales channel. What happened? 

The first suggestion would be to check your Outbound Order settings within your Integration's page (Settings -> Integrations). If your account was just created, your outbound settings may not be established yet.


If your outbound settings ARE active, please review the order within the Orders workspace and verify that the order is marked "Shipped". 


If the order is marked "Shipped", and has tracking information stored within SellerActive, please reach out to our Support Team for further troubleshooting tips.