API Documentation for Marketplace Management

Marketplace Management has a REST API that allows users to interact with the inventory from their sales channels and their orders. This API can be used to establish integrations that Marketplace Management may not have at this time or establish a feed from a Vendor to update your quantities or inventory.

At this time Marketplace Management is not able to take on new API driven projects for our current users. If you have Development resources then they can use our API in order to leverage your expected workflow or missing integration. 

If you are looking to setup a FTP feed from a vendor, that is a slightly different process.  You can review more details here.

At this time all Marketplace Management API documentation is located on a secured website: 


You must have a valid set of credentials for Marketplace Management in order to access this documentation.

  • If you're a current Marketplace Management user then you may request a second set of credentials that will allow for a third-party developer or your Development resources to access this documentation. You can send an email to support@selleractive.com or speak with your personal account consultant for more information.