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Bundling items together via an upload

Using Marketplace Management you can assign bundles to your products. For Marketplace Management purposes, the term "bundle" refers to a quantity relationship between two SKUs and is separate then a Parent and variation relationship. By establishing a bundle you are saying that when an SKU is ordered it will draw from another SKU's quantity. 

An Individual SKU can have as many Bundle SKU counterpart's as possible but a Bundle SKU cannot be the Individual of a different Product. 

Bundles are best used for FBM inventory and have limited to no functionality with FBA products. In order for cross-channel fulfillment (eBay orders being fulfilled with Amazon FBA stock) to work, you must have the FBA SKU match across your sales channels. 

Steps to bundle

  1. Go to Tools -> File Uploads
  2. Select the "Bundle" Template from the drop-down menu
  3. With the file open, enter the SKU you want to control quantity to be the Individual SKU and set the SKU you are dictating quantity too as the Bundle SKU. Make sure your BundleAction is "Bundle"
      1. In this scenario:
        1. 5 of INDIVIDUAL-SKU-0001 will equal 1 of BUNDLE-SKU-01. 
        2. 3 of INDIVIDUAL-SKU-0001 will equal 1 of BUNDLE-SKU-02.
        3. If the quantity of INDIVIDUAL-SKU-0001 was 2 then both BUNDLE-SKU-01 and BUNDLE-SKU-02 would not be available for sale
        4. If the quantity of INDIVIDUAL-SKU-0001 was 4 then only BUNDLE-SKU-01 would be available for sale
  4. Save your file and re-upload to the File Uploads page

You should now see your Bundle relationship within the Product workspace!