eBay Global Shipping - How it appears in a GET Order API response

If you're using Marketplace Management open API to gather orders out of our platform then you should be aware of how to handle eBay's global shipping program. This is a program where eBay will handle all of your international orders and allow you to not have to pay higher than normal shipping fees/charges. 

For more information on the eBay global shipping program, please review their help documentation HERE


Typically when you perform the GET call, Marketplace Management will provide the customer's specified address in the response. Since these orders should be really going to eBay's warehouse as opposed to the international address supplied by eBay (to Marketplace Management), you will want to make sure you ship your items to the correct location. 

For these orders, you will see additional details in the response. You should be looking for the fields under GlobalShippingInfo and if the order contains this field then it should be considered an order for this program.