eBay Motors Integration

eBay and eBay Motors is a single integration within Marketplace Management

For new Marketplace Management users connecting eBay, please note that eBay and eBay Motors share a single eBay integration within Marketplace Management.

For existing users of Marketplace Management with separate eBay and eBay Motors integrations, as of May 18, 2023, you’ll notice some changes and improvements to your eBay integrations in Cart Marketplace Management. eBay and eBay Motors are no longer two standalone integrations within Marketplace Management and have been combined into one eBay integration.

With this update, you’re able to publish to eBay Motors categories!

The rest of the existing eBay functionality remains the same as before (inventory, price, and order management), but here are the areas you’ll notice eBay and eBay Motors being combined into one:

Settings > Integrations > My Sales Channels:

  • There is one eBay integration tile with combined sync rules and listing details.
  • Your settings have been migrated for you and you will not need to re-authorize eBay.  


  • All reports display eBay as a single channel.


  • Orders display eBay as a single site.


  • All eBay strategies display eBay as a single channel.
  • Pricing Strategy Names have “eBay Motors” appended to the strategy title for quick reference on which were previously eBay Motors specific strategies.


  • The Listings workspace display eBay listings as a single channel. If you previously saw 2000 eBay listings and 1000 eBay Motors listings, you will now see 3000 eBay listings.
  • You’re able to publish listings to eBay Motors categories, however, this will not include fitment.