How can I update my cost in bulk for repricing and reporting?

Product Cost is a manually entered value and is used for the calculation of your Dynamic Minimum price and for reporting purposes. Cost is REQUIRED for the calculation of Profit Based price protection when creating a pricing strategy.

How to update cost in bulk

In order for the Profit Based calculation to occur for repricing you must input a value greater than $0.00 for your cost. If you leave the value of $0.00 for your cost your item will not reprice with a Profit Based Minimum selected for your pricing strategy. 

  1. Prepare file in .xlsx format and create 2 columns. One column header with SKU and the second column with header Cost.
    Cost Pic
  2. Navigate to Product Workspace -> Import -> Products -> Upload your file (Select File) 
  3. Confirm the Mappings are assigned to the correct columns.
     Cost mapping-2
  4. Click "Next" to begin the mapping process. When your file processes you will be able to go to Tools -> My Files to download the result file. 

    How can I confirm that the Cost was applied? 

    You will be able to confirm that the Dynamic Minimum is being calculated from within the Listings Workspace or from within the SKUPane:

You must have a Pricing Strategy that has a Profit Based Minimum assigned to your SKU in order for Dynamic Minimum to calculate.  

SKU Pane: 

Listing Workspace:

You CAN enter the Cost manually in the Product Workspace and within the SKU Pane by clicking on Inventory