How do I setup an additional sales channel within SellerActive?

SellerActive can handle additional sales channels at once!

Often times, our users will have more than one store per sales channel. For example, Big Seller Bob has 2 ebay stores and 3 Shopify stores. How can we actively establish those stores and have those Products import into SellerActive?

At this time, each SellerActive account may connect to only one store per sales channel. HOWEVER, we can add as many SellerActive accounts needed to connect to each store. Adding these additional accounts is free of charge and we will connect them on the back end. You can then access these accounts from the main account. 

By default the quantities will not be synced between the connected accounts. If you are selling the same products on multiple sales channels then we will want to enable a special setting for your account.

  • Please reach out to  or your Implementation Specialist for more information. 

How many SellerActive accounts do I need?

That will depend on the amount of sales channels you have. Using the Big Seller Bob example: he has 2 ebay stores and 3 Shopify stores; That means we need 3 total SellerActive stores. 

Main account: 1 ebay and 1 Shopify
Second account: 2nd ebay and 2nd Shopify
Third account: 3rd Shopify

What are the next steps to create the additional accounts? 

All we need is a Business name and an email address that differs from the original email you are using. Send that information in an email to and we can establish that connection for you.