How to Fix Duplicate SKUs on eBay Items

If your eBay account contains items with duplicate SKUs, SellerActive will not import your full inventory. Here's how to use SellerActive and eBay to correct SKU errors and ensure a full import.

On every marketplace you have the ability to assign a SKU to differentiate your products, and while eBay doesn't use SKUs to differentiate between items, sellers can enter SKU details into a field called "Custom Label". SellerActive uses SKUs to identify and skip duplicates during the import process.

If your eBay account contains items with duplicate SKUs/Custom Labels, we will not import your full inventory. This includes both individual listings and variations.

The only way to make Custom Label edits or remove listings entirely is through your eBay Seller Dashboard. Once edits have been made on the marketplace, you will be able to import your full inventory into SellerActive.

How to identify duplicates using SellerActive

Once SellerActive has received your inventory file from eBay, you will be notified on your account dashboard if duplicate SKUs are located. Follow the link in your notifications panel, and you will be prompted to download a file that contains duplicate SKU information.


This text file is very large because it is the full inventory file from the marketplace. To isolate your duplicate data, open this file in Excel, and sort your data by SKU and ebay_item_id.

Here is an example of a file that has already been edited to isolate the duplicates, and the eBay Item ID column is highlighted.


How to fix duplicate SKUs using eBay

To fix these duplicates, log into your eBay seller account and update the Custom Label field.

When done, navigate back to SellerActive, and click Settings > Integrations > eBay. Select "Import" to repeat the process.

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How do duplicates happen on eBay?

eBay utilizes the eBay Item ID as a way to relist your products without having to re-construct the listing. When an item it set to re-list, a new item ID is created, and the previous listing is moved to Inactive. There are settings that will prevent this situation from happening moving forward and these can be established within eBay and SellerActive.

In a situation like this we will see an item be marked as inactive a long time ago and then the same item is re-listed later down the line with the same Custom Label. There are circumstances where two entirely different items are listed with the same Custom Label and one of them will just need to be deleted.