How to integrate multiple Marketplace Accounts (Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce)

SellerActive (Marketplace Management) has the ability to add multiple marketplace instances through Parent / Child account workflows.

To add a second marketplace account you will need to add additional businesses from your admin view and then let a support team member from know to link your accounts from the back end. 

Step 1 

Navigate to your Cart Console under an admin login. On the left hand side navigation click Settings -> Organization -> Businesses -> + Create  Business

Screenshot 2024-04-26 111849

Step 2

Click into your newly created business and and start a Marketplace Management Trial from the Home Page of Brand Console. 

Step 3 

Integrate your additional Marketplace accounts the same way you setup your original account.

If you are attempting to publish listings to a 2nd Amazon account for example. Integrate your BigCommerce account again in this new business and then integrate your 2nd Amazon account. 

Please then reach out to or start a support chat from the chat window of you SellerActive account. Simply reach out and say you would like to have your new businesses added as a Child Account. 

It is possible to sync inventory between accounts for a more comprehensive inventory management system. Please note that SKU's must match between accounts. 

Step 4

You accounts should now be connected on the backend. You will now have the ability to easily toggle between account by clicking on your initials in the top right hand corner and selecting which business you want to opt into.