How to Join a SellerActive Training Webinar

Here is our weekly webinar schedule for new and existing users of SellerActive. Each webinar covers different topics with the end goal of helping you get the most out of our product.

SellerActive Webinar Schedule

SellerActive Webinars

You can register to each individual webinar via the links provided below. Certain levels of SellerActive also include a dedicated Implementation Specialist who, on top of the webinars, will assist you to customize your SellerActive account to your business. Please note the following:

  • All webinars are listed in Pacific time.
  • These webinars are free of charge and you can attend as many sessions as you like. Even if you do not have an active SellerActive account, you can attend these meetings at your leisure.
  • Our general office hours are 8am-5pm Pacific, Monday through Friday.

General Systems Training

10am-11am Pacific every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

This webinar covers the basic navigation of the user interface as well as covers new concepts such as our Products and Listings Workspace. We also cover navigation throughout the new application and how to integrate your marketplaces.

General Systems Training - Register now!

Product Management Training

2pm-3pm Pacific on Tuesday and Thursday

This webinar is focused on creating brand new SellerActive products and preparing them to be listed to other marketplaces. We cover what is imported from the marketplace and how to best construct your items for success.

Product Management Training - Register now!

Listing Management Training

10am-11am Pacific every Tuesday and Thursday

This webinar focuses on how to navigate the Listings Workspace and how to recognize your inventory on all of your marketplaces.

Listing Management Training - Register now!

Pricing Solutions Training

2pm-3pm Pacific every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

This webinar covers all of our available re-pricing options for all marketplaces. We walk through how to optimize your pricing strategies and some of the situations you will run into while competing for the Buy Box on Amazon or Walmart.

Pricing Solutions Training - Register now!