How to list items using Walmart Item Match

Start selling existing Walmart items faster by utilizing Walmart Item Match.

Walmart Item Match allows you to create offers for items that exist in the Walmart product catalog without having to fill out all of the required properties that you would usually have to when listing a new product. 

To take advantage of Walmart Item Match, the item(s) you're trying to sell must exist on Walmart.

Single item listing

  • From the Products Workspace, click "Add".
  • Search for an item by keyword or product identifier from the 'Find on Sales Channel' add product flow. 
  • Select a search result that has a Walmart result (as indicated by the view listing link under the Walmart icon). Click "Sell this Product" and select how you want to sell this product (Single Product, Variation Set, Bundle/Kit). Then give your product a SKU (Title and Category should be determined for you based on the selected product).
  • On the properties tab, notice that the product has a WPID (Walmart Product Identifier). This shows that an existing Walmart product was found and if there is a WPID, no other properties on this tab are required to be filled out.
  • Go through the add product wizard, adding quantity, price and a shipping template for Walmart. No other data is required to list since Walmart has all of the product data for this product already. 
  • Click publish and SellerActive will send a Walmart Item match feed to create your offer for this existing Walmart product.

Bulk item listing

We also allow listing offers for existing products on Walmart in bulk. 

  • Create the products in SellerActive via a product upload or import them from another channel. The only product properties that are required for this workflow are SKU, Title and a product identifier (UPC, GTIN, ASIN, etc.). 
  • Once the products are created, wait for our Augmentation process to run. This can take up to an hour. You can tell when Augmentation has run by looking at the 'Augmented' column in the Products Workspace. A checkmark indicates the product has been augmented. During augmentation, SellerActive will check to see if these items exist on Walmart. If they do, a WPID (Walmart product identifier) will be added to the products. 
  • Select the items that have been Augmented and stage them to Walmart for publication. 
  • Add prices and inventory to these products, either via upload or individually. The items that SellerActive found WPIDs for will be ready to publish.  Select them in the Listings workspace and click publish.