How to Set Up your Shipping Solution for BigCommerce Inventory/Order Fulfillment for "Workflow B"

Setting up your shipping Solution in SellerActive for Workflow B

Please note this article is for connecting shipping solutions to SellerActive. If you connect your shipping solution directly to the marketplaces, feel free to skip this article.

If you decide, you are going to have SellerActive Manage all orders, you will want to integrate your Shipping solution to SellerActive.

There are 3 integrations with shipping solutions that we offer integrations for.

  • Desktop Shipper
  • ShipStation
  • Shipworks

If you are interest in using our EasyPost integration or use our order manager to manage and ship orders, please reach out to our support team.

Desktop Shipper Instructions

  • In the left-hand Navigation pane under Settings select Integrations

 Settings integrations-1

  • Under My services select “add services”

Service Integrations

  • Select Desktop Shipper from the list and select Next.
  • It is assumed that you already have a desktop Shipper account. So you will need to reach out to their support directly for set up.
  • They will need your account number and/or api key. You can find this under settings > API.
  • Once you select API you will have access to your API key and your account number.
  • Once they are supplies with this information they will set up the integration for you.
  • After set up is complete make sure you turn on Export Orders and Tracking.

ShipStation Instructions

  • You can access the Shipstation integration by selecting Settings > Add Services.
  • Select Shipstation
  • Sign in to your ShipStation Account 
  • From the top navigation bar, click the gear icon on the far right.
  • Under Import Orders, click Selling Channels.
  • Click Connect a Store or Marketplace and then select SellerActive.
  • Enter the credentials below: (These will show your sellerID and Api Key)

Username (your Seller ID): 12345

Password (your API Key): 54685045464d6d45ae554e46w

  • Click Connect to initiate the authorization after you've completed the prior steps.
  • Once connected all orders will pass to ShipStation for shipping.

ShipWorks Integration steps

  • You can access the ShipWorks integration by selecting Settings > Add Services >ShipWorks.
  • Sign in to your Shipworks account 
  • Select SellerActive in the Solution Providers list and click Add Provider.

Module URL{your account number

User Name



Ad587e9r456459 (You will be provided with a different password.)

  • Click Connect to initiate the authorization after you've completed the prior steps.
  • Once set up, SellerActive will start pushing orders to ShipWorks.


Tips and tricks for going Live with your Shipping solution to avoid double orders.

Many customers will integrate their shipping solution and not necessarily consider that they still have the other connection in the old software. This can cause a few issues, we would like to avoid.

  • Orders are filled and shipped in each software.
  • Double shipping of the same orders is costly and negatively affects your inventory.

So here are a few tricks to avoid this dilemma.

  • Pick a time that you will be switching your shipping software to SellerActive.
  • End of day is a good time to finish with your orders for the day.
  • Note the last order filled.
  • Disconnect your shipping service from the old software
  • Connect the shipping service to SellerActive.
  • The last order shipped from the previous day needs to be located in the shipping solution and only new orders from that point forward should be pulled, packed, and shipped.