What information is submitted to QuickBooks?

Marketplace Management is a one-way integration with QuickBooks Online. We only send information to QuickBooks and we do not import information of any kind (Listings, statuses, etc.)

Accepted Versions:

  • Pro
  • Pro Plus
  • Premier
  • Premier Plus
  • All plans must be Silver or above (Inventory Management is not available under Silver)

QuickBooks is best integrated with a client who has previously established QuickBooks data.

Here is some additional information on what we send to each QuickBooks integration:

  • Information that is submitted to QuickBooks from Marketplace Management: 
    • SKU (Select from sending Component SKUs or Bundled SKUs)
    • Price
    • Address
    • Quantity (Ordered)
    • SiteOrderID
    • Sales Receipts
    • Shipping Price
  • Marketplace Management's integration with QuickBooks does not support the following:
    • Importing quantities from QuickBooks
    • Importing listings from QuickBooks
    • Multiple endpoints for information
    • FBA fees and other fees 

Tax information is generated via the Tax settings within QuickBooks and is only available for QuickBooks Online. Your Tax rules must be established before the order is sent over in order for the Tax to be generated. The address received will trigger your specific Tax rules on a per-order basis.