Managing BigCommerce and Marketplace Inventory

Managing inventory within Multi Channel Management or BigCommerce offers distinct advantages depending on your specific workflow.

Managing Inventory in BigCommerce

Using BigCommerce as your hub for Inventory (Workflow A) allows for direct management within its ecosystem, utilizing 3rd party built-in tools In order to manage inventory and real time inventory tracking to your website with out waiting on any other Inventory Management system.

To setup BigCommerce as you Inventory Management hub you will need to enable several settings below. 

Step 1

Toggle ON Use BigCommerce inventory quantities as the source of truth. Toggle OFF the Allow this app to manage and export quantities setting. These setting is found under Settings -> Integrations -> BigCommerce. 

quantityStep 2 

Toggle on the Allow this app to export all sales channel orders to BigCommerce setting. This will allow orders to be routed over to BigCommerce so that quantity can be deducted accordingly directly in your BigCommerce site. Please note that if you these marketplaces connected to gather orders to your BigCommerce site some other way this step will not be necessary. 

Step 3

Start a support chat or email if you have any questions.