Managing BigCommerce and Marketplace Orders

Learn how to manage orders from either Marketplace Management or BigCommerce.

In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, every seller has a unique order work flow. Multichannel software offers a comprehensive solution for managing sales across various platforms, yet there are scenarios where it might be beneficial to manage orders directly within a specific marketplace, like BigCommerce. This decision allows the flexibility for sellers to choose where they would like to aggregate their orders in order to use different tools and workflows.

Option 1: Managing Orders from BigCommerce

Routing orders to BigCommerce can be necessary for multiple reasons with sellers that are using BigCommerce as the hub of their businesses operation and leveraging the platforms Inventory / Order Management and 3rd party connections.

1. Inventory Management on BigCommerce: Handling inventory directly within BigCommerce allows for real-time inventory updates and accuracy. A direct integration helps prevent over-selling and stockouts, which are common issues in high-velocity sales environments.

2. Third-Party Tool Integrations: BigCommerce supports a wide range of third-party tools and applications that can be directly integrated into the platform. These tools include solutions for marketplace integrations does not yet support, email marketing, shipping solutions, analytics, and more. By routing orders through BigCommerce, businesses can take full advantage of these integrations, which enhance the platform's functionality and offer tailored solutions to meet specific business needs.

3. ERP Systems Integration: Many businesses use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage their operations comprehensively. BigCommerce offers strong compatibility and integration capabilities with a variety of ERP systems that (Marketplace Management) may not have an integration with.

To route orders from Marketplace Management to BigCommerce all you need to do is toggle on Allow this app to export all sales channel orders to BigCommerce under Settings -> Integrations -> BigCommerce

Please note we will send all marketplace orderids in the BigCommerce 'external_id' field. 

image (3)-3Option 2: Alternative Option - Managing Orders from Marketplace Management

Managing orders can also be done simply through Marketplace Management. One of the most compelling reasons for sellers to our software for order management is the ability to purchase shipping labels directly within the platform. This streamlined approach offers several key benefits:

1. Cost Efficiency: By integrating the ability to purchase shipping labels directly within our software, sellers can avoid the costs associated with subscribing to a separate shipping solution.

2. Multi-Channel Fullfilment: Ability to route FBA orders to any channel integrated into Marketplace Management with the ability to map shipping speeds and packaging specifications. It is possible to do MCF with orders managed in BigCommerce but there are some more complexities. Please reach out to our Customer Success team for more info on this. 

3. Reporting: When purchasing a shipping label the shipping cost will populate in our Profit by Product and Profit by Channel reports for a more comprehensive PNL report. 

To route orders from BigCommerce to Marketplace Management all you need to do is enable the Allow this app to manage and export order tracking setting.

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