Amazon Merchant ID's and how to locate them on Amazon

Using our Amazon Pricing Strategies you can omit specific sellers or pinpoint your competition to price against

While establishing a pricing strategy within your account for Amazon, you can highlight specific Amazon sellers in your settings. You can choose to exclude them entirely and they will be ignored or you can pinpoint specific sellers and reprice specifically against them. In order to make these associations you will need to find the Amazon Merchant ID to input into your pricing strategy settings.



1. A Pricing Strategy may be applied to multiple listings. Within the Listings Workspace, isolate one of the product listings you want to reprice using this specific strategy. Referencing the Amazon listing, select the Amazon icon to pull up the seller's page


2. Select the company you wish to isolate under the "Seller Information" column. You will select their name and it will take you to the specific seller's page


3. Once on this page, isolate the ID near the end of the URL in your browser window. It will be the string of characters following “seller=” and before “&tab” typically. You will copy this value and add it within your Amazon Pricing Strategy settings